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  • 3P Retention Filter with integrated Stainless Steel dirt retention basket for roof areas up to 200m2.
  • How the 3P Retention Filter works to clean Rainwater before it is stored in a Water Storage Tank.
  • Retention Filter with optional Telescopic Extension Tube and Lid.
  • Dimensions of the 3P Retention Filter.
  • Dimensions of the Retention Filter with Telescopic Extension and Lid.
  • Installation example of the Retention Filter fitted above an Infiltration Crate.

Retention Filter for Roofs up to 200m2


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Product Description

Soakaway/Infiltration Crate Pre Filter for Roof areas up to 200m2

Rainwater Retention Filter for installation in rainwater tanks or before a tank in the ground with an optional locking lid and Telescopic Extension Tube.

This simple filter from 3P Technik for rainwater harvesting systems is also ideal where no connection to Waste is possible or where water goes on to be infiltrated into a soakaway or to a retention crate in a SUDs System.

The cleaned water can be used in non-potable situations, for example; washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, car washing.

Low maintenance, depending on the level of solids in the incoming rainwater. The filter basket is easily accessed. The filter can then be removed for cleaning. Twice yearly inspections of the filter are recommended.

Silt Traps for Drainage and SUDs

The 3P retention filter can also be used as a silt trap for drainage and SUDs systems. The filter basket will retain microplastics in sediments down to 0.55mm (550 microns).

How it works

(see also the diagram above)

  1. Rainwater flows into the filter basket.
  2. The dirt is retained in the dirt collecting basket. The basket has to be cleaned when necessary.
  3. One inlet DN 100 (110mm OD) can also be used as an emergency overflow.
  4. Cleaned water flows through the bottom outlet DN 100  (110mm OD) into the rainwater tank.
  5. Use of a calmed inlet is possible.

Optional Extras


You most probably will not need a lid if you install the Retention Filter within your Water Tank. It does not come with a Lid as standard. However if you are installing the Retention Filter in the ground before the Tank, please include a Lid with your purchase.

Telescopic Extension Tube

In Rainwater Harvesting Systems where this Filter is installed within the turret of the storage tank or in the ground before the tank, the Telescopic Extension Tube gives access to the Filter from ground level or from within the manhole.

The Telescopic Extension Tube increases the height of the unit by 250mm to 750mm. Extension Tubes can be connected together for even more height. Multiple Extension Tubes can be connected together to give even more height if necessary.

To add one Extension Tube to your order, use the options above.

Rapid Connector Sets (110mm)

110mm pipe connector complete with steel nuts, bolts, washers & seal insert. These Double Socket Slip Couplers can be used instead of a Double Ended Coupler. The Rapid Connectors ensure that you don't have to move the connecting waste/drainage pipes to fit or to undo the filter at a later date. They enable the pipe to be simply bolted to the filter while it is in place rather than pushing pipes into a socket coupler or similar. Note; the filter basket can be accessed, removed and cleaned by taking the lid off (if purchased) the filter housing - the entire filter housing doesn't need to be taken out for cleaning maintenance.

Read more information about our Rapid 110mm Pipe Connectors.

Technical Information

  • Max Roof Area: 200m2
  • Pipe Connections: DN100 (110mm outer diameter)
  • Housing Material: Polyethylene, colour: Blue
  • Filter: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Mesh: 0.55mm
  • Weight: 2.8Kg


Retention Filter Installation and Operating Instructions (pdf).


What is the difference between the Garden Filter and the Retention Filter?

The difference is the material and mesh size of the Filter. The Retention Filter Basket is made of Stainless Steel with a mesh size of 0.55mm. The Garden Filter Basket is made of Polyethylene with a mesh size of 1mm.

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