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  • 3P Technik Volume Filter for Rainwater Harvesting from roof area up to 450m2.
  • Volume Filter Dimensions.
  • How the VF1 Filter works to clean Rainwater before Storage.
  • Volume Filter with Telescopic Extension Tube installed in the Ground, before the Storage Tank in a Rainwater Harvesting System.
  • The Filter Insert (with Primary Cascade and Fine Stainless Steel Mesh Filter) is easily removed for periodic cleaning.

Volume Filter for Roofs up to 450m2


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Product Description

VF1 Water Tank Filter for Roof areas up to 450m2

Rainwater filter for installation before a rainwater storage tank in the ground. Also often used in river intake systems as the filter is self-cleaning.

The VF1 Rainwater Harvesting filter from 3P Technik has a tried and tested two step cleaning process within it and is highly efficient independent of flow rates. Due to the steeply inclined filter inserts, dirt is continually washed to the waste water outlet. The cleaned water passes into a small collecting sump, from where it is led to the storage tank.

Suitable for roof areas up to 450m2.

The cleaned water can be used in non-potable situations, for example; washing machines, toilet flushing, garden irrigation, car washing, etc.

The Volume Filter is supplied with the Rainwater Supply pipe connection points (on either side of the Unit) sealed so the installer can connect the pipes to the most appropriate side(s) of the unit. DN100 (4") pipe connections are recommended.

The Filter also has an optional DN50 outlet (2") for cleaned rainwater water for water top-up.

Low maintenance. The filter is easily accessed by removing the top lid. The filter can then also be removed for cleaning. Twice yearly inspections of the filter are recommended.

How it works

(see also the diagram above)

  1. Incoming rainwater is equally distributed across the cascade.
  2. Larger dirt particles are washed directly to waste off the primary cascade.
  3. Pre-cleaned water then flows over the finer secondary sieve unit (at 0.65mm). Because of the specialist filter structure, fine dirt is rinsed to waste, and washes out of the waste outlets.
  4. The cleaned water flows into the collection tank.
  5. The dirt that has been filtered out is washed to waste.

Optional Extras

Dirt Retention Basket

An optional Stainless Steel Dirt Retention Basket can be pre-fitted to your Volume Filter if required. It is most often used in situations where the Waste pipe is going to a soakaway and there is a high leaf load in the area, or where the Waste Pipe gradient is quite shallow. The Dirt (that would otherwise be washed to Waste) is collected within the basket. This basket has to be cleaned regularly. Add this item to your order using the options above.

Telescopic Extension Tube

In Rainwater Harvesting Systems where this Filter is installed within the turret of the storage tank or in the ground before the tank, the Telescopic Extension Tube gives access to the Filter from ground level or from within the manhole.

The Telescopic Extension Tube increases the height of the unit by 250mm to 750mm. Extension Tubes can be connected together for even more height. Multiple Extension Tubes can be connected together to give even more height if necessary.

To add one Extension Tube to your order, use the options above.

Rapid Connector Sets (110mm)

110mm pipe connector complete with steel nuts, bolts, washers & seal insert. These Double Socket Slip Couplers can be used instead of a Double Ended Coupler. The Rapid Connectors ensure that you don't have to move the connecting waste/drainage pipes to fit or to undo the filter at a later date. They enable the pipe to be simply bolted to the filter while it is in place rather than pushing pipes into a socket coupler or similar. Note; the filter basket can be accessed, removed and cleaned by taking the lid off (if purchased) the filter housing - the entire filter housing doesn't need to be taken out for cleaning maintenance.

Read more information about our Rapid 110mm Pipe Connectors.

Long Removal Handle

A Long Removal Handle is available for easy access to the filter insert in deep installations (some drilling required). See the Removel Handle product page for more informaton.

Technical Information

  • Max Roof Area: 450m2
  • Pipe Connections:
    • 2 x Rainwater Supply Inlets DN100
    • 1 x Outlet to Storage DN100
    • 1 x Outlet (optional) to Top-up (DN50)
    • 1 x Outlet to Waste DN100
  • Height Difference between Inlet and Outlets 300mm
  • Dimensions Overall: W: 470mm, D: 490mm, H: 451mm
  • Housing Material: Polyethylene, Colour: Blue
  • Preliminary Filter Cascade: Polyethylene
  • Fine Filter: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Mesh 0.65mm
  • Weight: 6.2Kg


Other Options

The VF1 Filter is also available with the cleaned water outlet at the bottom of the Filter (VF1 Combi). The position of the Water Outlet means that the Filter can be installed on the top surface of a Rainwater Storage Tank, or within the ground before the tank giving you a  high level of flexibility as to the direction for the Cleaned Water Pipe.

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