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  • 1500 Litre Water Storage Tank with Internal Pump Kit. Free Delivery
  • 1500L Water Storage Tank and Pump Kit. The Pump to be installed inside the Tank. Components annotated.
  • Filter Collector Universal comes with 30cm of Connecting Hose and 32mm Drill Bit.

1500 Litre Water Tank System with Internal Pump (Professional)


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Product Description

Water Tank and Pump Kit (Pump inside Tank)

Free delivery to UK Mainland.

This Kit combines the power of the SteelPump XAJE120P powerful pump and the versatile, space-saving water-tank design of the 1500L Utility Rainwater Tank. The tank gives an enormous rainwater harvesting capacity yet only occupies a 120 x 78cm floor space, 2m high - it fits through a door!

This Pump and Tank kit is designed for permanent installations, installing the Pump inside the Tank offers space-saving advantages and the supplied Float Switch ensures the Pump will turn off when water levels get too low enabling ease of re-start. The intelligent SteelPump responds to pressure in the delivery pipe. It  turns itself on when there is a demand for water, then switches off again automatically once the demand has been met.

Ideal in Rainwater Harvesting Installations where the collecting roof area is no more than 100m2.

Kit Components

1500L Utility Tank

1500 Litre (330 gallon) Utility Tank a highly versatile water tank for non potable water. Often used as a Fire Tank (Fire Sprinkler Tank) in  Basements or Commercial Plant Rooms as it's small footprint allows it to fit through standard door ways and down staircases. Also highly recommended to collect Rainwater in above ground Rainwater Harvesting systems.

This Tank has superb industrial strength & proven durability with internal bracing to limit shape flexing. The two 3/4" BSP Threaded ports are Brass lined for extra durability.

The removable lid gives ample access to the inside of the tank

Technical Information:

  • Material: Rotational moulded, Seamless, Food-grade Polyethylene (not WRAS approved), 9mm thick, Colour: Black.
  • Dimensions: 1200mm wide x 780mm deep x 2000mm high
  • Removable Lid Diameter: 460mm
  • Weight: 85Kg
  • Tap: 1 x 3/4" Plastic High Flow
  • Connections:
    • 2 x 3/4" BSP Brass Threaded (at one end),
    • 2 x DN50 (2") sealed ports (one on either side)
    • 3 x marked Inlet/Overflow Points (not drilled)
  • 5 year Warranty

XAJE120P Professional SteelPump with Float Switch

A professional quality automatic 5 bar pump with stainless steel motor body and 1.2hp motor. Fully waterproof (IP68), submersible and self-priming. Ideal for domestic water boosting, surface irrigation, and garden non-potable water supply.

The XAJE120P SteelPump is a professional quality automatic jetpump with stainless steel motor body.

The XAJE100P intelligent pump responds to pressure in the delivery pipe. It turns itself on when there is a demand for water, then switches off again automatically once the demand has been met.

This automatic pump comes, as standard, with anti-blocking system and dry run protection with automatic restart. It also comes with a Non-return Valve (NRV) that you screw into the water inlet before you connect the Floating Intake Filter. The Floating Intake ensures that water is pumped from the cleanest section of the Water Tank as debris smaller than mesh of the Filter Collector Universal will either float to the surface of the water (where it is lighter than water - oil, pollen etc) or sink to the bottom of the tank. The Floating Intake, takes and again filters the water from a point in between.

The Pump is very quiet in use. Their extremely low noise and vibration levels are due to the use of larger, smoother running motor components, a single piece rotor shaft, and a 360 degree water jacket surrounding the motor. Noise Absorption is maximised, making them far more pleasant to live with than a traditional air-cooled pump. This water cooled design and stainless steel stator housing remove heat from the motor faster than any other type of design. Unlike air and oil cooled pumps, which warm up quickly in hot rooms and sunny positions, increasing susceptibility to stress and fatigue, SteelPumps stay as cool as the water they are pumping.

For Technical Information see the XAJE120P SteelPump page.

Comes with a 2 year Warranty.

Included Pump Accessories:

  • Floating Intake
  • Non-return Valve
  • Float Switch with Counterweight
  • Lifting Eye
  • Lifting Rope
  • 3 Way IP68 rated Cable Joiner

Filter Collector Universal (Black)

The 3P Filter Collector Universal is a Rainwater Diverter with built in filter, overflow and "OPEN/CLOSE" switch settings. Highly efficient, and quick and easy to install following the step by step instructions. It fits all standard UK round downpipes from 68mm to 110mm diameter and square downpipes from 65mm to 75mm without needing to be adapted.

Designed to last, the body is made of Black impact resistant UV-stabilised durable plastic, the filter from Stainless Steel mesh. It is completely frost and weather resistant.

This class leading Rainwater Diverter has a built-in quality stainless steel filter mesh. The mesh removes leaves and debris from your rainwater ensuring that the water entering your Utility Tank is clean before storage. The debris continues on down the downpipe, along with overflowing water when your water Tank is full. The filter is easily removed from the Rain Diverter housing for occasional cleaning with soapy water.

Included Components

  • 30cm medium duty flexible hose
  • Hosetail
  • Backnut
  • Rubber Sealing Washer
  • 32mm Flatbit drill

Pump to Turret Connector

The 2m Pump to Turret Hose connects the pump outlet of to the turret of your water Utility Tank. A Holesaw and grommet set is included to help you position the hose through the top of the tank at a convenient place (holes are not pre-drilled).

Included Components

  • Hosetail adaptors
  • Hoseclips in Stainless Steel
  • 50mm Tank Seal/Grommet
  • Holesaw Set

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