Seals and Grommets

  • Holesaw and Mandrill Set to drill a 76mm hole in your water tank (suitable for the DN50 Grommet).

    Holesaw SET 72mm

    Holesaw SET 72mm for DN50 seals & 32mm hoses Holesaw with Arbor Mandrel Drill Adaptor, to drill a 76mm diameter hole in thin wall plastic tanks. For use with the Pump to Turret Tank Connector. This size hole is perfect for the 50mm Rubber Grommet...

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    £32.40 ex. VAT
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  • Multi-Holesaw Set with Rubber Grommet Seals

    Holesaw and Grommet Set

    This Hole Saw Set comes with Rubber Grommet Seals. It enables you to cut holes into all types of plastic tanks and water butts. It has cutting heads of 25mm, 32mm, 45mm and 58mm diameter. Comes complete with 2 rubber grommets for use with DN32 and DN50...

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