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  • Rain Diverter in two colours: Brown and Grey
  • Rain Diverter with Connecting Hose and Fittings for Water butts. Brown.
  • Rain Diverter with Connecting Hose and Fittings for Water butts. Grey.
  • Rain Diverter with lid off to show the flexible Filter Slats which separate out larger debris - leaves, sticks etc from the rainwater.
  • Approximate position of the Rain Diverter. Pictoral installation instructions are on the packaging.
  • Dimensions of the Rain Diverter.
  • Top of Rain Diverter showing cutting lines for different sized downpipes.

Rain Diverter with or without Hose Connector


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Product Description

Downpipe to Water butt Connector with Built in Simple Filter

This is a universal rainwater diverter for filling water butts and rain tanks from a downpipe.

It as coarse Filter Slats built into the design that will seperate out debris like leaves, sticks and feathers that may be carried with the rainwater coming off the roof. If a finer mesh filter is required for your water system, the 3P Filter Collector may be a better product for you.

The top of the filter needs to be cut to size by the installer (guide lines are inscribed into the design) to create a good fit to all common downpipes from 68mm to 100mm round downpipes and 65mm square downpipes. This makes it a truely universal design.

The filter's tap can be set to an "off" position during winter if desired, or can be used to regulate the flow of water from the downpipe.

Optional Extra

Hose Connecting Kit

This kit has 30cm of medium duty 32mm diameter hose, seal and backnut fittings and a drill bit to connect the filter's outlet to your water butt. Simply drill a hole in your water butt using the drill bit provided, push the hose through and tighten the seal and backnut from the inside of the water butt.

Technical Information

  • Suitable for roof areas up to 50m2
  • Fits Round Downpipes: 68mm to 100mm
  • Fits Square Downpipes 65mm
  • Cleaned water outlet: 32mm (1.25")
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Colours: Brown and Grey

Product Reviews

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  1. Diverter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Aug 2021

    It's expensive. It's good -very good

  2. Best looker! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2021

    The rain-diverter was needed to feed water top-up to our pond from a down-pipe on our patio - so, being pretty much 'in your face' for BBQ's etc it had to look good. And this one does look good - made in Germany it has a modern style (profile and colours) but is (being German,of course) a really good structural design and more robust than something from China (which I've had before). So, fully recommend this product

  3. Down pipe water tank divr 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2020

    1st rate piece, does the job. Well made value for money.

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