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  • Rain Water Diverter with built in Filter, Switch and Overflow. Showing Colour Range: Grey, Black, White and Brown.
  • Rainwater Diverter available in four colours: Brown, Grey, Black and White
  • Rain Diverter installed on a Wall Water Tank without Long Link Kit
  • Switchable Rainwater Diverter with OPEN, CLOSE settings
  • In-built Stainless Steel Mesh Filter is easy to clean

Downpipe Filter and Diverter - Push-fit


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Product Description

Combined Rain Diverter and Filter to Connect your Downpipe to your Waterbutt

The 3P Filter Collector is a Rainwater Diverter with built in filter, overflow and "OPEN/CLOSE" switch settings. Highly efficient, and quick and easy to install following the step by step instructions.

This Rain Diverter fits all standard UK round downpipes from 68mm to 110mm diameter and square downpipes from 65mm to 75mm without needing to be adapted. It is the base unit for the 3P Filter Collector Universal.

Suitable for push-fit connections into your water butt or water storage tank and is ideal for situations where you cannot reach inside the storage vessel to tighten a back-nut. If you can reach inside your water storage vessel at the point you want to connect to the downpipe the 3P Filter Collector Universal is the right product for you.

It is suitable for roofs up to 90m2 and offers outlet diameters of 32mm, 50mm or 75mm (your choice when installing). It is the professional solution, used to fill small domestic water butts right up to industrial sized tanks of 10,000 litres or more.

Designed to last, the body is made of impact resistant UV-stabilised durable plastic. It is completely frost and weather resistant.

Available in four colours: Black, Grey, White and Brown.

Keeping your Rainwater Fresh

Filtering rainwater before storage helps ensure your collected water stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible and reduces the debris entering your water tank/waterbutt (and therefore the sludge build up at the bottom of the tank).

This class leading Rainwater Diverter has a built-in quality stainless steel filter mesh. The mesh removes leaves and debris from your rainwater ensuring that the water entering your water butt or tank is clean before storage. The debris continues on down the downpipe, along with overflowing water when your water butt is full. The filter is easily removed from the Rain Diverter for occasional cleaning with soapy water.

Switchable Rainwater Diverter

"OPEN/CLOSE" setting enables you to stop collecting rainwater from time to time, for example during the winter. Simply turn the filter to the "OFF" position and all Rainwater will run down the downpipe as normal, eliminating the risk of frozen pipes.

How to install the Rain Diverter

The Rain Diverter is easy to install and comes with step by step fitting instructions. Correct installation will ensure that the it also acts as an overflow point when your water butt or water tank is full.

This Filter Collector connects your tank directly to your downpipe positioning your wall tank approximately 9-13cm from the edge of your downpipe (depending on the diameter of your downpipe and which size outlet hole you choose to make). You can position the Wall Tank further away from the downpipe using our Long Link Kits available in 3 lengths; 1m, 2m and 5m.

When you purchase this Rain Diverter along with a water butt or tank on this site, the storage vessel comes complete with heavy duty rubber grommets and multi-hole saw sets etc for ensuring a water tight connection.

Type of water butt the 3P Filter Collector can be used with

The Filter Collector is suitable for push-fitting into thin walled water butts and water tanks with walls up to 20mm thick where you cannot get your hand into the storage unit to tighten a back nut.

As standard it comes without hose and is best used with straight sided water butts or water tanks that you want to position as close to your downpipe as possible. If you need your water storage to be further away from your downpipe you can easily connect up with your own hose assembly or purchase a Push-fit Long Link Kit along with the Diverter (see options above).

If you can reach inside your water butt to connect the hose consider using the 3P Filter Collector Universal (complete with 30cm hose) or this 3P Filter Collector and a Universal Long Link Kit instead.

Optional Extras

Add a Long Link Kit (see options above) to include some extra hose to position your water butt or water tank further away from your downpipe. Available in different hose lengths, 1m, 2m and 5m.

Or add a Long Link Kit with Multi-holesaw set from our accessories page.

Technical Information

  • Max Roof Size: 90m2
  • Max Water Tank Size: 10,000L
  • Filter Mesh: Stainless Steel
  • Fits Downpipes (Round): 68mm to 110mm diameter (for 110mm (4") downpipes you remove the top and bottom filter collars).
  • Fits Downpipes (Square): 65mm to 75mm wide
  • Outlets: 32mm, 50mm or 75mm (your choice when installing)
  • Switchable: "OPEN/CLOSE" settings
  • Filter Collector Dimensions: 270mm high x 143mm wide
  • Colours: Black, Grey, White and Brown


Filter Collector Installation (pdf).

Included Components

None. The fitting/sealing kit to your water butt (including grommets, multi-holesaw sets etc) comes with the wall tank you purchase on this site.

Alternatively you can purchase a multi-holesaw set with rubber grommets separately.

Other Versions

If you already have a water butt and can reach inside it to fix the connecting hose, either use this unit with your own hose assembly or purchase the 3P Filter Collector Universal which comes complete with hose, drill and back-nuts etc.

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