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  • Pump to Tank Turret Hose
  • Pump to Tank Turret Hose with Standard component parts annotated.
  • Optional Extra: Quality DN50 Seal for ensuring a tight fit through the tank wall or top.
  • Optional Extra: Holesaw and Mandrill Set to drill a 76mm hole in your water tank (suitable for the DN50 Grommet).

Pump to Tank Turret Connector Set


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Product Description

The Pump to Turret Hose connects the Pump outlet to the Turret of your rainwater tank.

Designed to fit vertical or horizontal PE, GRP or concrete water storage tanks where the pump is installed inside the tank and the pump has a 1.25" outlet.

Ideal for installations where your Pump (like a SteelPump) sits on the floor of your storage tank. The internal height of your rainwater tank will therefore help determine the length of Turret Hose you require.

Designed to go as standard through a conduit near the top of the tank, or indeed turret of your tank. Alternatively add a Rubber Grommet and/or Holesaw to drill a hole through the top of your water tank to pass the top end of the hose through the top of the tank.

Other hose lengths, diameters, grades and connection sizes are available. Contact us for details.

Optional Extras

50mm Quality Rubber Grommet

These open rubber tank grommets create a watertight seal where a pipe carrying water, rainwater or sewerage passes through the wall of a tank, ensuring no moisture can travel along the pipe length, into or out of the tank.

The DN50 Grommet is an optional extra with the Pump to Turret Set. Add this if you wish to put the Hose through a hole in your Water Tank (rather than through a conduit).

More information about the 3P Technik Open Grommet Seals.

Holesaw and Arbor Mandrel Drill Adaptor Set

Holesaw with Arbor Mandrel Drill Adaptor, to drill a 76mm diameter hole in thin wall plastic tanks. This size hole is perfect for the 50mm Rubber Grommet. The drill set is suitable for PVC, Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Brass.

Included Components

The following items come already assembled ready for you to connect to your Rain Diverter or 3P Filter Collector to your water butt/tank.

  • 25mm (1") Heavy duty hose of chosen length
  • Hosetail reducers
  • 90o 25mm FBSP Compression Adapter
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Hoseclips

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