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  • Open Grommets for Pipe/Tank Seals.
  • Open Grommet showing how to make a watertight seal of a pipe through a tank wall.
  • Profile shape of the of the Wall Tank Seal for Pipes.

Open Grommet Pipe/Tank Wall Seals - 50mm to 250mm


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Product Description

Rubber Tank Wall Grommet for pipes: 50mm, 110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm

Our open rubber tank grommets create a watertight seal where a pipe carrying water, rainwater or sewerage passes through the wall of a tank, ensuring no moisture can travel along the pipe length, into or out of the tank.

Suitable for pipes into manholes, water tanks, sump tanks and other pre-cast structures.

Suitable for pipes made out of different materials (e.g. PVC, PE, cast iron, fiber reinforced cement, concrete, stoneware) in manhole components or storage tanks made out of concrete, reinforced concrete or plastic.

Made from from quality styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in various sizes to suit your pipe (see dropdown box above).

Made in accordance with the requirements of EN 681-1 / DIN 4060 (seals made from elastomers) and the FBS quality guideline.

The DS LKs  range is a compression slide seal ring. It is compressed into the hole and its position is fixed by its shoulder side. The pipe is easily slid into position by the wedge shape that centers the pipe into the seal.

The flexible nature of the internal flanges allows for slight angular and lateral misalignment of the pipes.

They can take heavy loads.

How to ensure a watertight fit of a pipe through a storage tank wall:

  • Choose a Grommet with the correct internal and external sizes for your pipe/hole dimensions (see table below).
  • Clean hole and press the Seal into place (do not use lubricant at this stage).
  • Chamfer the pipe at the end that is to be inserted.
  • Lubricate the pipe end.
  • Centre the end of the pipe and push it into the seal.

Technical Information

Open Grommet Wall Tank Pipe Seal Sizes(see also image above)

Pipe Size (mm) Pipe Outer Size (mm)Tank Hole Diameter (mm)hjbSeal Type
50 50 76 26 50 50/76
100 110 138 14 50 110/138
150 160 186 20 50 160/186
200 200 226 21 50 200/226
250 250 276 24 50 250/276

Note: if oil, petrol, or fuels are likely to be mixed in with the water it is recommended to use Seals made out of acryl-nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR). Please contact us for details.

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