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  • 3P Irrigation Flat Filter for filtering rainwater from roofs upto 800m2.
  • 3P Flat Filter showing stainless steel filter mesh and easily removable lid.
  • 3P Flat Filter - no height difference between inlet and outlet.
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  • 3P Irrigation Flat Filter Dimensions

Irrigation Flat Filter for Roofs up to 800m2


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Product Description

Water Tank Filter for Roof areas up to 800m2

Rainwater filter for large roof areas and large rainwater tanks.

The 3P Irrigation Flat Filter is installed in the rainwater storage tank and has no height difference between inlet and outlet.

The unique design means this filter has a very large filter surface and is therefore efficiently harvests rainwater directly to the storage tank regardless of the volume of flow.

Cleaned rainwater trickles through the filter mesh and cascades directly into the tank without a connection to a Calmed Inlet. The filter surface is flat and has a large surface area. This gives a very high efficiency of water filtration at all flow rates.

Low maintenance and self cleaning as leaves and other particles are continuously washed to waste. The cleaning frequency required will depend upon the solid loading of the rainwater. The lid is easily removed for maintenance.

  • Inlets and outlets at both DN 150 (160mm OD).
  • No height difference between inlet and outlet.
  • Connection capacity: for roof areas up to 800 m².
  • The cleaned water can be ideally used for irrigation.

How it works

(see also the diagrams above)

  1. Rainwater flows into the filter.
  2. Cleaned water filters through the stainless steel filter mesh.
  3. Debris is continuously flushed to waste.
  4. The lid is easily removed for occasional maintenance.
  5. Connection of an overflow siphon is possible.

Technical Information

  • Max Roof Area: 800m2
  • Pipe Connections: DN150 (6")
  • Housing Material: Polyethylene, colour: Blue
  • Filter: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Mesh: 0.7 x 1.7mm
  • Weight: 4.1Kg

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