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  • E-Power Inline Water Cooled Inverter

Inverter - Water Cooled - E-Power - Single Phase

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Product Description

Inline Variable Speed Pump Inverter - Single Phase

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An efficient and extremely reliable pump inverter, the E-Power is cooled by the water flowing through it. The E-Power varies your pump speed to match the demand. It is ideal for booster pump sets.

Simply mounted inline (on pipe) by connecting the inbuilt 1.25" male threaded stainless steel pipe to your pipe work. The E-power can be mounted in any orientation.

Unlike other inverters, there is no non-return valve or other obstruction to the water flow making this product more efficient.

The easy to read LED display makes adjusting the restart pressure a breeze.

The E-Power helps protect your pump against:

  • Dry-running,
  • Low/High Power Supply,
  • Short-circuit,
  • Over-current,
  • Thermal Overload,
  • Insufficient Pressure,
  • Water Hammer, and
  • Pressure Sensor Malfunction.

It is suitable for systems for Clean Water with no solids, pH 5-9.

Standard or Advanced (CANbus)

E-Power Standard can control a single pump with variable speed, while a secondary fixed speed pump can also be activated in an on/off only mode to supplement the main pump as needed.

E-Power Advanced controls one directly connected pump, and up to seven additional pumps all at variable speed through the use of multiple slaved E-Power Adv controllers. Slave units communicate with one another using CANbus protocol, a serial communications standard which is highly immune to environmental interference.

E-Power Advanced can also use "Multimaster" mode. This allows connected E-Power Adv units to be promoted to the role of ‘master’ as needed, ensuring continued operation in the event of any single controller failure.

Technical Information

  • Inlet and Outlets: Male 1.25"
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Digital Pressure / Status Display
  • Material: PA6 FV
  • Power Supply Voltage: ~1 x 230VAC
  • Pump Power: 1.5kW (2 Hp)
  • Pump Current: 25(8)A
  • Working Pressure: 0.3 - 8 bar
  • Max Overpressure: 12 bar
  • Operating Temperature: 4oC to +50oC
  • Liquid Temperature: +1oC to +40oC
  • Liquid Type: Clean Water, No Solids, pH 5-9
  • Max Dimensions: 300mm wide x 150mm deep x 330mm high
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Ingress Protection: IP65


Other Options

Single to Three Phase e-power also available. For advice about which product is best for your installation, please contact us.

Useful Information

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