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  • HydroController - Variable Speed Inverter, Programmable, Air Cooled.
  • HydroController - Typical Installation for the Air Cooled Model (Single Pump).

Inverter - Variable Speed- Programmable - Air Cooled


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HydroController - Programmable Variable Speed Pump Inverters

These wall mounted HydroControllers are a family of programmable variable speed inverters to suit a wide variety of applications. All adjust the pump speed to match demand and have built in Pump Protection (dry-run, under/over voltage, short circuit, low system pressure, output over voltage, sensor failure, over temperature and water hammer).

These pump inverters are air cooled and come with an an external pressure sensor (1.5m) which is connected to the water pipes during installation. This allows for the HydroController to be wall mounted vertically near the pump. Please note, that if the unit is to be installed with a cable length of more than 20m between the HydroController and the pump a Mac3 ACL filter should be added to eliminate harmonics created by high frequency reflectance. Please contact us before ordering to discuss if this would be necessary for your project.

Easy to install and the operating parameters, including restart pressure, are easily programmed using the LED display interface.

HydroController Voltage Types

There are various HydroControllers models available in three voltage types:

  • MM - Single phase 230VAC supply controlling a Single Phase 230VAC pump.
  • MT - Single phase 230VAC supply controlling a Three Phase 230VAC pump.
  • TT - Three phase 230/400VAC supply controlling a Three Phase 230/400VAC pump.

HydroController Build Types

There are also two different builds available, STANDARD and ADVANCED.

STANDARD HydroController 

The STANDARD build is designed to control a single pump and optionally an additional fixed speed pump.

ADVANCED HydroController 

The ADVANCED build is able to communicate with up to eight other pumps (via their HydroControllers). This "multimaster" mode allows the HydroController units to self-appoint the role of "Master". Should the current Master unit develop a fault, the master role will be taken by another unit and the system can continue to function as intended. This greatly improves fault tolerance and reduces maintenance costs.

The ADVANCED unit also features two extra output relays and two auxiliary digital (switch) inputs which can be configured as needed. It is also designed to be compatible with the Mac3 Multipress allowing the system to function with a commercial irrigation controller.

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Other Versions

The HydroController is also available in a Water Cooled Pump Inverter (inline pipe work mounted) and also as a HydroController Solar for off-grid installations, and HydroController Pool for Swimming pool applications.

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