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  • 1600L Modular Rainwater Storage Tank System with Pump and Free Delivery - showing colour options (Green colour no longer available).
  • Filter Collector colour options (with Sandstone coloured Wall Tank in the background).
  • SteelPump with Pump to Tank Connector, Carry Handle and Multi-hose Reducer.

1600 Litre Rain Tank System with Portable Pump


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Product Description

The 1600L Rain Tank System is a complete (two 800L wall tank) kit for collecting rainwater and pumping it to your garden or for non-potable use around your home like car cleaning, window washing, driveway wash down and toilet flushing.  Specified by professionals where bulk storage of rainwater and a compact footprint are required.

The footprint of the Wall Tanks, with a small base of just 80cm x 60cm each, ensures it can be installed just about anywhere around the outside of a home and, as it fits through standard doorways and down staircases, basements and plant rooms too.

When placed against a wall, space must be provided to allow the tanks to deflect once filled without touching the wall. 

The Water Storage system is modular, which allows you to add further Wall Tanks to your system at a later date. The tanks are simply linked together at the lower BSP Threaded 3/4" Ports with our 25cm Tank to Tank Connector Kit.

The Garden SteelPump comes complete with Carry Handle and Multi-hose tail reducer. It is a professional quality automatic 4 bar pump with a max flow of 50l/min. It has a stainless steel motor body and 0.8hp motor. Fully waterproof (IP68), therefore very safe to use in the garden, submersible and self-priming. Ideal for domestic and garden non-potable water supply.

The System comes with the 3P Filter Collector, a Rainwater Diverter and Filter combined. This Rain Diverter fits all standard UK round downpipes from 68mm to 110mm diameter and square downpipes from 65mm to 75mm without needing to be adapted. The fine mesh Stainless Steel filter within the unit ensures that no debris from your roof or gutter enters your Wall Tank.

This kit offers substantial savings over purchasing the components individually (however all components are available on this website to purchase individually if required).

Included Components

  • 2 x 800L Wall Tanks with Plastic Anti-Glug tap, Wall Fixing Bracket, Multi Holesaw set and rubber grommets
  • 1 x Automatic Garden SteelPump with Non-return Valve (NRV) Carry Handle and Multi-hose Reducer
  • 1 x Pump to Tank Connector with Ball Valve
  • 1 x Tank to Tank Connector (25cm)
  • 1 x 3P Filter Collector (Rainwater Diverter)
  • 1 x Tank Water Level Gauge

About the Rainwater Storage Wall Tank

Available in four matt colours; Black (most popular), Granite Grey, Green and Sandstone.

Made of high-quality 9mm thick UV protected polyethylene and with three 3/4” inset brass threaded connection points (1 tap point for a watering can, 2 x interconnection or drain down points at the base) this quality water tank is designed to last.

1600L of rainwater storage in a space saving design: 2 x W:80cm D:60cm H:179cm.

More information about the 800L Upright Water Storage Tank.

About the Water Pump

The XAJE80P intelligent pump responds to pressure in the delivery pipe. It turns itself on when there is a demand for water, then switches off again automatically once the demand has been met. This automatic pump comes, as standard, with anti-blocking system and dry run protection with automatic restart. It also comes with a Non-return Valve (NRV) that you screw into the water inlet and, included in this kit are, a carry handle and multi-hose reducer for attaching 1", 3/4" or 1/2" garden hoses to your pump.

  • Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.
  • Motor: 0.8hp.
  • Max bar: 4
  • Max flow: 50l/min.
  • Pump Body Stainless Steel
  • Electrical cover: Polypropylene.

Further information about the Garden SteelPump X-AJE80P.

Pump Warranty

This is a high quality professional pump that comes with a 2 year warranty when properly installed. SteelPumps are designed to be serviceable long into the future with common service components located behind an easy to remove electrical cover. The capacitor, pressure switch, flow sensor and control unit are all easily accessed.

Pump Repairs and Servicing

Disassembly of the entire pump is straightforward using basic tools, and ALL parts, including nuts and bolts, are available to order individually from the manufacturers website: There are no corrodible mechanical parts within the pump, no potted electronics, no crimped wiring (everything unplugs). Service diagrams and information provided on request.

While other brands are ‘production engineered’ to be assembled fast and never taken apart, Steelpumps can be maintained for as long as spares are made. They are designed to last.

About the Filter Collector / Rainwater Diverter

This Rain Diverter fits all standard UK round downpipes from 68mm to 110mm diameter and square downpipes from 65mm to 75mm without needing to be adapted. It is suitable for roofs up to 90m2 and offers outlet diameters of 32mm, 50mm or 75mm (your choice when installing). It is the professional solution, used to fill small domestic water butts right up to industrial sized tanks of 10,000 litres or more.

Suitable for push-fit connections into your water butt or water storage tank and is ideal for situations like this where you cannot reach inside the storage vessel to tighten a back-nut. It positions your Water Tank close to your downpipe. No connecting hose is required (although it can be purchased separately if you need your Water Tank to be further away).

Designed to last, the body is made of impact resistant UV-stabilised durable plastic. It is completely frost and weather resistant.

Available in four colours: Black, Grey, White and Brown to match your downpipe.

Further information about the Rainwater Diverter and it's installation.



The Rain Tank System comes with free delivery to UK Mainland addresses (prices to other places is worked out based on your postcode before checkout).

The System will arrive on a pallet. Our courier company will call you to arrange a delivery date and time convenient to you. They will unload the pallet from the vehicle for you and, where access is possible, move the pallet to a convenient place for you to unload the tank from the pallet.

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