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  • Fixed Speed Water Booster Set - Fully Waterproof.
  • Compact Water Proof Pressure Booster with parts annotated.

Water Booster Pump Set - Fixed Speed - Waterproof


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Product Description

Waterproof Cold Water Booster Set

CBB series Pressure Booster sets are a compact, safe, very quiet and reliable solution for domestic and light commercial pressure boosting.

An automatic pump supplies water on demand, eliminating the need for an additional pressure controller.

Fully water resistant including temporary immersion (for example in basements that flood), they are IP68 rated (fully waterproof). Suitable for use in wet environments as all sensors and electronics are inside the pump. Safe in humid environments.

Includes automatic dry run protection with periodic restarts, anti blocking system and thermal protection as standard.

Flow rates of up to 145 litres per minute and pressure up to 6.2 bar (depending on pump chosen).

Suitable for use with static heads not exceeding 15 metres.

The large 24L pressure vessel increases efficiency and prolongs pump life.

Quiet, water cooled pumps are self-cooling without the need for fans or ventilation. Suitable for installation in confined spaces.

This is a robust and easy to operate set with no external controls and no configuration necessary. Full instructions and manual are included.

Pump Options

These mains water Booster Sets are built with Automatic SteelPumps as standard. There are three build levels within the SteelPumps Range: P Series, B Series and PRO Series.

The P Series is designed primarily for portable and garden use (XAJE80P is our best selling Garden Pump) and has a black polypropylene Electrical Cover and Pump Body.

The majority of pumps within this Compact Booster Range are B Series Pumps which are ideal for home and light commercial (offices, industrial units or bed and breakfast and boutique hotels) use and can be identified by their black polypropylene electrical cover. The PRO versions (pictured) have Stainless Steel covers and extensive use of Stainless Steel and brass within the pump too.

Simply choose the flow rate and pressure that your system requires in the drop-down menu above. If you are unsure about which pump option is best for your situation, please contact us and ask to speak to one of our Engineers.

Pump Warranty

SteelPumps are high quality professional pumps that comes with a 2 year warranty when properly installed. SteelPumps are designed to be serviceable long into the future with common service components located behind an easy to remove electrical cover. The capacitor, pressure switch, flow sensor and control unit are all easily accessed.

Pump Repairs and Servicing

Disassembly of the entire pump is straightforward using basic tools, and ALL parts, including nuts and bolts, are available to order individually from the manufacturers website: There are no corrodible mechanical parts within the pump, no potted electronics, no crimped wiring (everything unplugs). Service diagrams and information provided on request.

While other brands are ‘production engineered’ to be assembled fast and never taken apart, SteelPumps can be maintained for as long as spares are made. They are designed to last.

Optional Extras

Carry Handle

Add this easy to fit carrying handle to make this a truly portable booster pump for use in your garden and around your home.

Pump Pressure Gauge

An optional pump pressure gauge is available. Glycerin filled, it measures from 0 to 10 bar. When ordered from this page, it comes ready assembled onto the Booster set with brass connectors. Read more about the Pump Pressure Gauge.

Pro Pump

Upgrade the pump to the PRO version of the pump which has extensive use of stainless steel and brass components designed for commercial and industrial use - Ask us for details.

Technical Information


  • Electrical Insulation: Class F
  • Ingress Protection: IP68
  • Max Immersion Depth: 5 metres
  • Ambient Temperature: 2 - 45oC
  • Pumped Water Temperature: 2 - 37oC
  • Pumped Fluids: Clean Water
  • Inlet: 1” FBSP, except Pumps ending HF which are 1.25"
  • Outlet: 1.25” FBSP
  • Duty: Continuous

Pressure Vessel

  • 24 Litres
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Material: Steel, Powder Coated, Red


Waterproof Cold Water Booster Set Brochure (pdf).

Included Components

  • SteelPump with Polypropylene Electrical Cover (except XAJE80P which also has a Polypropylene Pump Body)
  • 24L Pressure Vessel
  • Non Return Valve (NRV) / Check Valve
  • 10m Cable with plug (longer lengths are available, contact us for details)
  • Full Installation Instructions


What is a booster set?

Where mains water pressure is insufficient a cold water booster set can be installed to improve on a systems water supply. Cold water booster sets are typically found in homes with low water pressure, commercial buildings such as industrial units, offices, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and boutique hotels etc. They can be installed with a pressure vessel like this, or as a booster set with break/cold water tank.

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