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Tundish with Bracket


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Product Description

Type AA Air Gap or Air Break.

The 3P Tundish acts as a Type AA air gap to prevent back-flow. Used with the bracket it ensures compliance with BS8515 and BSEN13076 - "Devices to prevent pollution by back-flow of potable water". Once mounted this flexible Tundish prevents any possibility of contamination of the mains potable water supply with rainwater or other Class 5 waters in accordance with the Water Fittings Regulations.

Install the Tundish so that the potable water can drain freely under gravity into the tank.  The upstream pipework may need to be valved to ensure the draining pipework can cope with the input flows. 

The Tundish can freely rotate in the mounting bracket.  There are no stainless steel supports that compromise the air gap integrity. 

Uniquely the 3P Tundish has an optional in-built overflow to the Tundish itself. In situations where the Tundish outlet pipework is at risk of being compromised, frozen, compressed or blocked, the 3P Tundish overflow can take this backed up water to a safe point of disposal. This can be extremely useful in preventing flooding of the inside or properties.  If the overflow outlet is connected to a waste pipe or a drain, this will take any backed up waters to waste.

The blue 3P Tundish should not be used inside a box, or fabricated as a back-up-in-a-box styling, if the box compromises the integrity of the air gap. 

The blue 3P Tundish with optional emergency overflow is used in many industrial air gap applications. 

Technical Information

  • 1/2" connecting elbow to solenoid valve
  • Anti-spray device at discharge end, clean funnel of water ensured
  • Free rotation of  Tundish
  • Overflow: DN40 - 37mm (external), 29mm (internal diameter)
  • Connection to tank: DN50 - 47mm (external), 39mm (internal diameter)


Tundish Installation Instructions (pdf).

Included Components

  • blue PE 3P Tundish
  • 1/2" connecting elbow to solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel bracket with wall fastening screws
  • Back-nut to secure discharge outlet to bracket
  • Overflow Plug (optional fit)

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