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  • RKIT1 Flood Warning System with no moving parts

Flood Level Warning Kit


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Flood Warning System with no moving parts

The RKIT Flood Level Warning Kit provides a visible and audible high level alert using the REKA capacitive water sensor.

When flood waters immerse the REKA water sensor a flashing red warning light alerts the user to a potential flood event and is accompanied by a repeating buzzer.

The REKA sensor has no moving parts and can be mounted onto any outdoor structure such as an outside wall or steps, or a point near a water course to provide an early warning of a potential flood event. The REKA comes with 10m of cable (please contact us for other cable lengths).

Early warning is intended to maximise the time available to install flood defences, activate drainage pump systems, move vehicles and objects of value.

Water detection is achieved by sensing the capacitance of a body of water surrounding the sensor, which can only be triggered by immersion and will not false alarm in rain or when splashed.

This mains powered RKIT installation should be supplied by a power located situated above the warning level of the sensor. A green Power-On light remains lit at all times to indicate a valid power supply.

The standard 230VAC version listed here is suited to most most permanent buildings.

Other options

Please contact us for prices and further information about;

  • 110VAC versions (intended for use on temporary worksites and are ideal for monitoring excavations),
  • extra-low-voltage 12-24VDC versions (intended for marine and portable use and incorporates a 5 second time delay before triggering the alarm, making it suitable for moving water in bilges and compartments).
  • Remote warning options are available on request including VHF radio link up to 16km range or cellular GSM text alert.
  • Different cable lengths

Technical Information

  • 230vac
  • REKA cable length : 10m
  • REKA Storage Temperature: -20oC to 80oC
  • REKA Operating Temperature: Up to 50oC
  • REKA Ingress Protection: IP68 - Suitable for continuous immersion
  • REKA Mounting: Vertical (2 screw holes)
  • Display Unit Size: 110 x 100 x 180mm
  • Display Unit Weight: 200g
  • Display Unit Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Display Unit Mounting: Vertical (4 screw holes)
  • 80db Audible Buzzer
  • Low Standby Current (2.3w)


RKIT Flood Warning System Brochure (pdf).

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