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Divertron DAB Pump with Float Switch


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Product Description

1 hp Submersible Pump with Float Switch

The DAB Leader Divertron 1200X is a high quality intelligent 1HP multi-stage DAB submersible pump with 4 impellers and electronic flow control (i.e. it will automatically pump on demand).

Ideal for rain water storage tank, well or bore hole when located above any bottom sludge or debris (lifting cable not supplied). Huge power (1Hp) and built in dry-run protection.

The Divertron 1200 x is water proof and designed to run in submerged situations either inside or outside. These pumps need to be kept fully submerged while running (otherwise, even when partically submerged, they risk over heating before the dry-run protection kicks in). The Float Switch (included) floats in water and allows the pump to work when there is water in the tank. When the water drops and the float sinks it stops the pump from working. It therefore protects the pump from overheating. The height at which the float switch turns the pump off is determined by the point at which the float switch cable is held in position.

Also known as the Leader Divertron 1200 x pump, (and Flipper pumps in Europe) the electronic flow control of the DAB Divertron 1200 pump responds to the pressure in the outlet pipe. As the user draws water (by opening a tap or similar) the pump automatically starts. Turn the demand for water off and the pump cuts out automatically. It has a 1" threaded inlet and outlet.

Designed to last, the Divertron 1200X is manufactured with anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials and has a wear resistant shaft.

Divertron DAB pumps are designed for pumping clean water only. The impeller will be damaged if abrasives and solids are run through it. To help protect the pump we recommend fitting a filter to the inlet, ideally this would be a floating filter inlet (see options) to enable the pump to take water from the cleanest part of the water storage supply.

This pump can be installed alongside a mains water top up controller, like the one in this mains water top up controller kit. The Float Switch would then enable the water tank to be topped up with mains water when the stored water runs low. Contact us for details. 

Supplied with a 15 metre power cable with 2-pin (Schuko) plug and built in non return valve.

A pressure vessel (optional extra) within the pump system will help prevent false re-starts due to small pressure leaks.

Optional Extras

Floating Intake

In your rain water collection tank or water holding tank, debris will either float to the surface of the water (where it is lighter than water - oil, pollen etc) or sink to the bottom of the tank.

A Floating Intake Filter allows the water to be collected at a minimum distance of approximately 6" (150mm) below the surface of the water - where the cleanest water is. This prevents any floating debris to enter the pump suction hose and unlike other pump suction filters it does not fall to the bottom of the tank (where much of the debris lies).

To add a simple floating intake to your order (one without a Non-Return Valve as the Divertron has a built in NRV), simply choose from the options above. For other lengths of hose with a floating intake (with Non Return Valve), please see our Floating Intake page. Alternatively a simple 1" mesh strainer can be added to your order if a floating intake is not possible.

Pressure Vessel

It is recommended to install a small pressure vessel (expansion tank) with this pump. A pressure vessel provides a reserve of pressurised water to your system and therefore limit the number of starts of and wear on the pump when it is used for quick short periods of time.  It therefore prolongs the life of your pump. For example, if someone were to wash their hands, water would initially come from that stored inside the pressure tank, if the tap was then closed, the pressure vessel would automatically refill from the mains pressure without the need for the pump. The pump would only need to kick in once the pressurised water from the tank has been used ie. if you were to fill a bath or use the shower.

Pressure vessels also protect the pump from Water Hammer by absorbing any shock to the system for example if a tap is closed too quickly.

Connecting to pipes and hoses

To connect to a garden hose we recommend purchasing a 1" multi-hose reducer.  If however you intend to connect hard blue or black 32mm MDPE pipe to the pump, you will need a 1" compression adapter (please ensure you select the correct size on the compression adapter page).

Technical Information

Divertron 1200X Pump

  • Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.
  • Motor: 1hp.
  • Max bar: 4.6
  • Max flow: 95l/min.
  • Max Head: 46m
  • Inlet Size: 1"
  • Outlet Size: 1"
  • Dimensions: 150mm deep x 150mm wide x 480mm high
  • Weight: 11Kg
  • Waterproof protection rating: IP68
  • Pump Type: Water cooled, multi-impeller submersible pump.
  • Motor Body: Technopolymer, Motor Case: Aluminium
  • Rotor Shaft: Stainless 416.
  • Impeller: Technopolymer / Stainless 303
  • Diffuser: Technopolymer.
  • Electrical cover: Technopolymer.
  • Liquid temperature range: +0oC to +35oC
  • Maximum depth: 12m (39ft).
  • Cable Length: 15m with 2-pin plug.
  • CE Mark

Float Switch

  • Cable Material: H07RN-F 3X1
  • Cable Length: 2m (contact us for other lengths)
  • Model Type: K04-10
  • Approval: ENEC / EC
  • Microswitch Features: 10(4)A 250V
  • Operating Temperature: 0oC to 50oC
  • Protection Rating: IP68
  • Switch Angles: +45o/-45o
  • Float Dimensions: 81 x 131 x 41.5mm
  • Float Weight: 154g
  • Float Volume: 244cm3
  • Max Depth: 1 bar
  • Float Housing Material: Non-toxic polypropylene (PP), Colouring: Non-toxic, Blue and Yellow or Blue and Red

3-Way Cable Joiner

  • Cable Entries: 2
  • Number of Poles: 3
  • Terminal Type: Screw - end barrier contact
  • Body Material: PA66/TPE
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Max Conductor Size: 4mm2
  • Max Current: 32A
  • Max Voltage: 450
  • Temp Rating: -40oC to 125oC
  • Minimum Cable Diameter: 5mm
  • Maximum Cable Diameter: 13mm
  • Temperature "T" Rating: T85


Included Components

  • DAB Divertron Submersible Pump
  • 15 metre power cable with 2-pin Schuko plug
  • Built-in Non Return Valve (NRV) / Check Valve
  • 2m Float Switch connected via an IP68 3 way cable joiner
  • Owner's manual and Quick Installation Guide

Other Variations

All Divertron 1200 and 1000 pumps in stock. Our technical team can fit float switches to them if required. Please contact us for details.

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