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  • 3P Hydrosystem 400 Stormwater Treatment Device
  • 3P Hydrosystem 400 with Extension Tube and Lid.
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  • 3P Hydrosystem 400 with Extension Tube and Lid - cut away view.
  • 3P Hydrosystem 400 with Extension Tube and Lid - How it works, see also text below.
  • 3P Hydrosystem 400 dimensions (including Extension Tube and Lid)
  • 3P Hydrosystem installation examples.

3P Hydrosystem 400


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Product Description

Advanced Surface Water Runoff Treatment

Special stormwater treatment plant for installation directly in the ground. For roof areas and traffic areas from 100m² to 175m², depending on contamination load of the runoff and the type of filter chosen.

3P Hydrosystem products are designed and certified to perform and prevent damage to fragile and important ecosystems. They remove a wide range of contaminants from water including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals such as zinc and copper.

The cleaned water has such an excellent water quality that it can be discharged directly into soakaways, surface waters and the wider environment.

The 3P Hydrosystem 400 Filter uses an up-flow process. This means there is a minimal head drop across the inlet to outlet.

The rainwater is treated within the Unit by the following processes: sedimentation, filtration, adsorption and precipitation.

The first treatment step takes place in the Dynamic Separator, where sedimentation of solid particles occurs within a radial flow regime, characterised by secondary flows. A settling funnel to the silt trap chamber entrance ensures sediments are not re-mobilised. Above the separator are the filter inserts, which cover the entire diameter of the unit’s housing. Water flows upwards through the removable filter element. As a result of the upward flow of the filter element, and that the filter remains saturated, filter clogging by solids is very limited and slow.

Where to use the Hydrosystem 400

The EU, and so the UK, standards require runoff from highways, busy car parks and industrial areas to remove a wide range of contaminants, including PAHs, phosphate, ammonium and and heavy metals such as zinc and copper. 

All 3P Hydrosystem products are designed and certified to perform and prevent damage to fragile and important ecosystems. These units pass the DiBT standard, as refenced in the CIRIA SuDS manual (see Ch 14 Part D: Technical Detail, and Ch 26, Part E: Supporting Guidance) and meet a certain performance standard that will be understood and accepted by the Environment Agency in England.

3P Hydrosystems are particularly relevant for polluted water treatment in sensitive catchment areas and Sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) . They support effective stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) and can be part of stormwater best management practices (BMP) along with Water Sensitive Urban Design systems. They perform to tight standards that are imposed on runoff to protect both surface waters and groundwaters alike.

How it works

(see also the diagram above)

  1. The rainwater from the drained area is fed into the inlet, which is at the lower end of the shaft.
  2. Here, sedimentation of particles, especially the sand faction and above, takes place in the hydrodynamic separator. This is due to turbulent secondary flows within a radial laminar flow regime.
  3. The solids are collected via an opening in the silt trap chamber. This chamber is a removable container with a side outlet port to aid cleaning.
  4. The filter element is located in the middle of the filter shaft. With this filter element, the finer particles are filtered from the upflow of waters. The dissolved pollutants are precipitated and absorbed and adsorbed. The filter is easily exchanged once it is exhausted or blocked.
  5. Emergency overflow.
  6. Cleaned water outlet, to infiltration system, rainwater storage tank or surface water discharge.

Filter Options


This filter element is suitable for standard roofs. For example roofs without a significant proportion of uncoated metals. (other roof filters are available for areas with copper or lead roofs - please contact us).

The maximum size of the surface to be drained is 175m².


The Traffic filter is intended for use in slightly polluted traffic areas for example side streets, staff car parks and yards.

The maximum size of the surface to be drained is 130m².

Heavy Traffic

The Heavy Traffic filter is designed for use in highly polluted traffic areas for example car parks in front of supermarkets, main roads and HGV access roads.

The maximum size of the surface to be drained is 100m².


No moving parts. The filter cartridge is easily changed once exhausted (every 3 to 5 years). The system is maintained and back flushed normally once a year.

Cleaning of systems and replacement cartridges can be arrange through Rainwater Tank Cleaning Ltd.

Optional Extra

Telescopic Extension Tube with Lid

Where this Filter is installed within the turret of the storage tank or in the ground before the tank, the Telescopic Extension Tube gives access to the Filter from ground level or from within the manhole.

The Telescopic Extension Tube increases the height of the unit by 250mm to 750mm. Extension Tubes can be connected together for even more height. Multiple Extension Tubes can be connected together to give even more height if necessary.

To add one Extension Tube to your order, use the options above.

Technical Information

  • Rainwater filter complying with DIN 1989-2, Typ B;
  • Connections: DN 100
  • Diameter of the system: 400mm
  • Minimum head loss between inlet and outlet: 250mm
  • Connectable area: 130m2 to 200m2 dependent on site conditions
  • Maximum flow rate: 8l/s
  • Filterable flowrate: 3l/s
  • Treatment flowrate: 0.5l/s
  • Housing material: Polyethylene
  • Total weight: 37 kg approx

Telescopic Extension (if purchased)

  • Material: Polyethylene 
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Height adjustment: From 250 to 750mm


3P Hydrosystem 400 Brochure (pdf)

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