New Divertron Submersible Pumps

New Divertron Submersible Pumps

Posted by Celtic Water on 15th May 2023

The second generation of  DAB Divertron submersible pumps is here! DAB are world leaders in pump design. Divertrons are great pumps for rainwater and borehole/well applications, and they are now even better! This new generation of Divertron pumps is green by colour and greener by nature! The clever engineers at DAB have improved performance, reduced power consumption, and key pump components are now easy to replace and maintain.

New Divertron Range at Celtic Water

DAB Divertrons are submersible vertical pumps available in two power sizes – 650 and 900. The 650 has a Max Head of 30m and the 900 achieves 45m. 

New DAB Divertron Pumps

The new DAB Divertrons are available in three different designs. 

The Standard Divertron with a built-in 360 o mesh intake at the bottom (sometimes known as Divertron M or Divertron Mesh) is now available with or without factory fitted float switch. The float switch versions give additional dry-run protection for your pump. 

The X Divertron versions have a 1” threaded intake port near the base of the unit. This port can be fitted with a  3P Floating Intake to ensure the water is taken from the cleanest part of the storage tank. The Divertron X versions are mostly used in rainwater harvesting tanks. 

Overview of new Divertron pump features 

The improvements to the design of the Divertron have led to an  iF Design Award 2023. The new features are as follows:

Improved performance and reduced power consumption 

The new Divertrons have higher-efficiency impellers and an optimised mechanical seal. They, therefore, consume 30% less power than the previous models while still achieving higher performance. This is in line with European Directives for the Minimum Hydraulic Efficiency Index (MEI) for pumping equipment, which will come into force in 2024. Lower power usage helps to reduce energy bills. 

Continuity of Operation 

DAB Divertron with accessible capacitor

The main thing that water pumps are likely to fail upon is the capacitor. It fails if you have a leaky installation and no pressure vessel installed. We always recommend fitting a Pressure Vessel (aka Shock Arrestor) to your delivery line circuit. In the previous model the condenser was totally inaccessible and therefore if it failed the pump was dead.

DAB has addressed this with the second-generation design. 

With the new design, you have direct access to the capacitor (sometimes the DAB engineers also refer to that component as the condenser). You can replace it easily without the need to remove the pump housing.

Practical to use

Divertron with retractable handle and hook to attach lift rope

A new retractable handle design means that Divertrons are easy to handle, while a built-in hook at the top of the pump makes it easy to attach a cord (also called a strainer cable) to lower (and raise) the pump into a tank or well. Never use the power cable or delivery hose to lower or raise a Divertron pump. 

Factory Fitted Float Switch (mesh version only) 

The mesh version of both sizes of the new DAB Divertron pumps have the option to purchase with a factory fitted float switch. The float switch detects the water level. When the water gets too low the float prevents repeat starting routines and therefore provides additional protection against dry running. In addition, the float also prevents the pump from becoming blocked due to a continuous lack of water.

How the old Dab Divertron and New Dab Divertrons compare technically

Feature DAB 1000 DAB 1200 DAB 650 DAB 900
Max Flow Rate up to 5.4m 3/h up to 6m 3/h up to 6.3m 3/h
Max Head 36m 46m 30m 45m
P1 900W 1100W 630W 920W
P2 Nominal up to 0.65Kw
up to 0.75Kw
up to 0.42Kw
up to 0.56Kw
Max Immersion Depth 12m 12m
Max ambient and liquid temperature 35 0C 40 0C
Factory Cut-in about 2 bar 1.8bar (+/1 0.2) 2.4bar (+/- 0.2)
Delivery Thread 1" 1"
Pump Max Diameter 150mm 160mm
Pump Height 450mm 480mm 487mm 534mm
Factory Fitted Float Switch No optional (mesh version only)

UK DAB Divertron Stockist

We are a stockist of the full range of DAB Divertron pumps. To view the full range please see our  DAB submersible pump pages.