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Posted by Max Enfield on

When local entrepreneurs Gareth and Pam Stephens wanted to include two self-catering log cabins on their caravan and camping site just over the valley from us here in Cardigan they had some decisions to make.

A big part of ensuring that your campsite runs well is to make sure that people have everything they need at the right time. Water is a huge part of that. People expect to be able to turn on a tap and the water to run at a good pressure no matter how many other people are showering, washing up or how many washing machines running.

The Cardigan Caravan site has two log cabins and pitches for many campers/caravans. Their eco-friendly Utility Block has everything the modern camper might need including washing machings, washing up facilities, toilets and showers. There are water points with the camping fields and water and electicity hook up points for the caravans. Not to mention the main farmhouse and the 150 acre traditional farm that the site is positioned on with a herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle, Welsh Cob horses, sheep and poultry that all need to be kept watered (for which they have also installed a Rainwater Harvesting System on one of the larger agricultural buildings).

The two log-cabins provide a luxury glamping experience on the campsite. Positioned at the highest point, at the edge of a field, they have uninterrupted immense views across Cardigan Bay. The self-catering lodges sleep four and are fully equiped with kitchen and bathroom. There is even a loft snug for the daring to climb into and absorb the magical scenery across the Bay.

The question of how to get enough water, at a good pressure to the log cabins for when the glampers need it and for that water use not to disturb the other campers using the main facilties was quickly answered by providing a separate water storage tank and a quiet powerful pump with a 24L pressure vessel close to the lodges. The problem then was how to fill the water storage tank at a low water use time so as not to affect the water pressure across the site. The solution came in the form of the 3P Technik Programmable Timer for Tank Filling and Empting

The Programmable Timer for Tank Filling and Empting has pump timing granularity down to the minute over a 7 day period with scheduling programes from Daily to Weekdays/Weekends and everything in between. Great flexibilty!

The Pump Control Unit, SteelPump, Pressure Vessel, associated plumbing and wiring are all installed in a small storage shed alongside the water storage tank (to be disguised behind a trellis or shrubbery in the future).

Water Storage Tank to Pump Connection

Behind the Units you can see the Pump to Tank Connector. Note the SteelPump has a Non-Return Valve on the Pump Inlet (just out of shot).

Installation of the Programmable Timer for Tank Filling and Emptying, SteelPump, Pressure Vessel and Programmable Timer

Left: The powerful (yet quiet) SteelPump, connected to the 24L pressure vessel and the Pump Control Unit. Right: Close up of the Programmable Timer for Tank Filling and Empting.

Please do contact us and ask to speak to our technical team if you are looking for a water or pump control solution for site.

If you found this page but were actually looking for a fabulous camping, caravaning or glamping experience in this part of West Wales, do check out Gareth and Pam's place - the Cardigan Caravan Site for a great place to stay in Wales.