Flood Water Sensor Alarm

Flood Water Sensor Alarm

Posted by Celtic Water on 27th Jan 2022

Installing a Flood Water Sensor Alarm in your basement or low down on an outside wall or step is a great way to be alerted if the water levels are rising.

Annual Average Rainfall change (MET Office)

In the 2020 report “ State of the UK Climate” the UK Met Office says that the UK has become wetter over the last few decades. 2011 to 2020 was 9% wetter than 1961-1990 for example. With both rainfall frequency and intensity increasing across the UK.

The risk is that increased frequency and intensity of rainfall from events in summer will increase the severity of surface water flooding, particularly in urban areas, which could lead to a greater risk of flash flooding. Summer rainfall events are particularly concerning because for every 1oC more that the air warms it can hold about 7% more water which means that when the rain falls there is much more of it.

We have seen in the recent years that properties that are on a flood plain are being more severely flooded and that properties that historically have not been affected by flooding at all, have been affected by heavy rainfall events when drains have been overwhelmed or riverbanks have burst.

Flood Sensor Alarm Kit

This  RKIT1 Flood Water Sensor Alarm Kit is designed to be a flood early warning system to give you time to install flood defences, activate drainage pump systems and move vehicles, furniture, and valuable objects.

The RKIT1 kit includes a REKA water sensor that has no moving parts and is only triggered when the arms of the REKA sensor are immersed in water (protection rating IP68). The sensor can be installed outside, on steps or any outside structure near a water course or point of flooding (as well as in a basement). Rain or splashing will not trigger a false alarm.

The flood alarm box is splash resistant (IP65) and therefore needs to be installed indoors and above the height of the REKA water sensor. The 10m cable supplied with the sensor enables the flood alarm box to be installed in an appropriate location.

Before installation, the 10m cable on the REKA can be cut to an appropriate length if required. There are snap connectors inside the alarm box to easily connect the REKA’s wires to the alarm box (which should be done by a competent person).

Once installed, the flood alarm box is easy to use. When plugged in a green light shows (to show the box is powered). When the water level reaches about 3cm up the REKA sensor, the red light will turn on and an 80 decibel alarm will sound. There is also a switch to disable or silence the alarm.

RKIT1 Flood Water Sensor Alarm

The  Flood Water Sensor Alarm described here (RKIT1) is mains powered with audible and visual alarms. If you are interested in an off-grid option (24v), different cable lengths, or flood warnings via text alert or radio link please contact us with your requirements.