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  • Powerful Multistage High Flow Vertical Pump with 2 Year Warranty - Clearance Price
  • Performance Chart for Vertical High Flow Pumps. Powerful up to 6.3 bar (92psi) and 145litres (22 gallons) per minute.

Manual High Flow Multistage Vertical Pump - XMV2006THF400 - 3~400v


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CLEARANCE PUMP - RRP £695.11 exVAT (*clearance price is approximately 45% off RRP)

Reason for Sale: Aged Stock

The SteelPumps range of Vertical High Flow Pumps give up to 6.3 bar (92psi) and 145litres (22 gallons) per minute.

Fully waterproof, submersible and self-priming. This is a manual professional pump ideal for domestic water boosting, surface irrigation, tank transfer, as wash down pumps for milking parlours, stock yards and agricultural machinery, and use within Fire Sprinkler Systems. This is a highly versatile and powerful pump range.

These clean water pumps can withstand total submersion in water (up to 5m suction depth) or can be externally connected to a tank or large above ground water butt. Fully waterproof therefore very safe to use (IP68), they provide a high volume source of constant pressurized water.

3~400V 3Amp pumping up to 145lpm.

Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.

Manual pump.

They are 400V Three Phase pumps. They come with a Non-return Valve (NRV) that you screw into the threaded water inlet.

Very quiet in use. Their extremely low noise and vibration levels are due to the use of larger, smoother running motor components, a single piece rotor shaft, and a 360 degree water jacket surrounding the motor. Noise Absorption is maximised, making them far more pleasant to live with than a traditional air-cooled pump. This water cooled design and stainless steel stator housing remove heat from the motor faster than any other type of design. Unlike air and oil cooled pumps, which warm up quickly in hot rooms and sunny positions, increasing susceptibility to stress and fatigue, SteelPumps stay as cool as the water they are pumping.

They are clean water pumps, which means that collected rainwater needs to be filtered before it enters the pump. This can either be done when collecting the water using a quality downpipe diverter that also filters the water, like the 3P Filter Collector Universal, before it enters your rainwater storage vessel.

Note: This powerful pump requires installation on a single spur MCB protected. You are strongly advised to consult or have the pump installed by a professional electrician. For the avoidance of doubt a 13A plug is not sufficient. You MUST consult the Manual and if in any doubt consult a professional trained Electrician.

Pump Warranty

This is a high quality professional pump that comes with a 2 year warranty when properly installed. SteelPumps are designed to be serviceable long into the future with common service components located behind an easy to remove electrical cover. The capacitor, pressure switch, flow sensor and control unit are all easily accessed.

Pump Repairs and Servicing

Disassembly of the entire pump is straightforward using basic tools, and ALL parts, including nuts and bolts, are available to order individually from the manufacturers website: There are no corrodible mechanical parts within the pump, no potted electronics, no crimped wiring (everything unplugs). Service diagrams and information provided on request.

While other brands are ‘production engineered’ to be assembled fast and never taken apart, Steelpumps can be maintained for as long as spares are made. They are designed to last.

Optional Extras

Pump to Water Tank Connectors

A range of Pump to Tank Connectors are available on this site. Each are quick and easy to install.

Order separately from the following pages:

Technical Information

  • Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.
  • Motor: 3~400v 3Amps,
  • Max bar:  6.3
  • Max flow: 145l/min.
  • Inlet Size: 1.25"
  • Outlet Size: 1.25"
  • Dimensions: 200mm wide x 560 high
  • Weight: 23Kg
  • Waterproof protection rating: IP68
  • Pump Type: Water cooled, multi stage, Single Phase, centrifugal.
  • Motor Body: Stainless 304.
  • Rotor Shaft: Stainless 420.
  • Supporting Flanges: Polypropylene/Brass.
  • Impeller, Diffuser and Venturi: Noryl.
  • Electrical cover: Polypropylene.
  • Liquid temperature range: +2°C to +40°C.
  • Air temperature: max +45°C.
  • Maximum depth: 5m.
  • Calibrating pressure rate switch: 1.5 bar.
  • Cable Length: 10m (no plug).


X-AMV/MV HF Brochure (pdf).

Included Components

  • SteelPump
  • Non Return Valve (NRV)
  • 10m cable
  • Full Installation Instructions

Other Versions


What is the difference between the "P", "B" and "PRO" versions of SteelPumps?

The "P", "B" and "PRO" suffixes of the SteelPump range of intelligent pumps refers to the build properties of the pumps. Essentially;

  • P = Designed primarily for portable and garden use.
  • B = Designed for domestic and light commercial use.
  • PRO = Extensive use of stainless steel and brass within the pump build and therefore designed for commerical and industrial use.

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