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  • Harvst Smart Mini Greenhouse"Yard"
  • Harvst Smart Mini Greenhouse Solar "Yard" Option
  • Growing salad crops with Harvst Smart Mini Greenhouse
  • Harvst Smart Mini Alumimium greenhouse with automatic ventilation.
  • Top irrigation misters using industry standard micro irrigation parts so you can expand the system as you wish. Each mister nozzle can be turned off individually (manually) if required.
  • The smart irrigation system consists of misters and sprinklers.
  • A simple rainwater collection gutter feeds water into an optional 25l water tank.
  • Harvst Mini Greenhouse Smart App
  • The Harvst Greenhouse Controller. Installed in the top right back corner of the Smart Mini Greenhouse.

Climate Controlled Greenhouse - Mini Yard


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This climate controlled greenhouse is evergything you need to give your plants the best growing environment. It combines a strong all-weather mini greenhouse with smart plant watering (using soil moisture sensors), automatic ventilation, easy to use smart control system with mobile app to give you a truely flexible growing system.

At just under 1.2m wide by 0.6m deep and 1.4m high, the "Yard" mini greenhouse is perfectly sized for narrow spaces (for a shorter, longer version see the Small Terrace Greenhouse model).

Available in either mains or solar powered options. The mains powered option allows for the system to be extended with a wider range of add-ons (heated seed trays, heater cables, LED grow light and water pump accessories) compared to the solar (off-grid) option. The solar powered version can only additionally power the water pump accessories.

The kit makes it easy to grow more in your back garden. Whether you want to start growing at home, or you’re already growing and want more consistent results and more productivity from a small amount of space, Harvst is for you!

Arrives flat-packed and part-pre assembled. The kits include everything you need to complete the assemble including allen keys and spanners etc.

Free UK delivery!

Smart greenhouse watering system

The Harvst mini greenhouse includes a smart watering system that uses soil sensors, temperature and a timer schedule to work out when to water your plants. The soil sensors measure soil moisture as well as soil temperature to give your plants just the water they need.

It really does take out the pain of knowing when to water your greenhouse plants! Perfect too if you are at work or on holiday on hot days.

Two soil sensors give you the abilty for two watering zones for different plant requirements (say for seedlings and potted plants).

The kit includes 4mm irrigation hoses with sprayers for bottom level and misters for the top level. The irrigation is expandable using standard 4mm irrigation hose and parts.

The mini green houses come with a hose connection for watering as standard. However, water can also be fed either via the inbuilt greenhouse rainwater collection gutter into a small water tank with pump (see options below), a water butt with pump (see options below) or via your garden hose (mains or rainwater).

Automatic greenhouse ventilation

The automatic self-opening roof will release heat and keep your plants cool in the summer.

The strong aluminium mini greenhouse frame also has two sliding doors on the front with easy-access removable frames. The door and window panes are made from strong and safe 4mm polycarbonate panels.

Smart greenhouse control system

The climate controlled greenhouse kit comes with an easy to use control system. The Harvst control system connects to WiFI and sends information about temperatures, watering, heating and more to your online account. You can watch your mini-greenhouse in action from anywhere using the app.

The Harvst web app will run on any device; Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet or laptop. All you need is an internet connection (the Harvst control system does not run without an internet connection).

This means that you can control your greenhouse from anywhere. If it's a hot day and you’re at work. You think that your tomatoes are going to need watering but you’re not going to get home until late. All you need to do is open up your Harvst app and tell your greenhouse to water a bit more today.

You can also set up alerts. So if you are holiday for example, you could set up an alert to tell you if your water tank is run low so you can then ask a friend or neighbour to quickly pop round to top it up!

How many plants fit in the Terrace Mini Greenhouse?

The Yard model has two shelves across the whole width. It is made from angle aluminium, spaced from the rear so that 38cm x 24cm seed trays fit neatly. We recommend standard, shallow seed trays for starting seedlings under the mister sprays. You can use deeper seed trays for salads, herbs and so on. Up to seven seed trays fit on the shelf. 

You can slide the front shelf bars backwards and forwards to fit the containers you are using.

The bottom level (ground level) is designed to take any large growing container up to 600mm from front to back.

Included in the Climate Controlled Greenhouse Kits:

  • Strong aluminium cold frame withstands all weather conditions with 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels. The replaceable twinwall panels let in lots of light as well as provigind insulation at night and during the cooler seasons.
  • Soil moisture sensors for dual zone self watering.
  • Hose connection.
  • Rainwater Collection.
  • Automated opening roof to allow for ventilation in warm weather.
  • Smart Control System with Mobile App.
  • Installation instructions.

Mains Powered Version also includes:

  • 5m cable with plug (this is from the right hand side of the greenhouse - you can buy waterproof outdoor sockets if you need an extension, but we recommend you get a professional to install permanent outdoor mains wiring).

Solar Powered Version also includes:

  • Solar panel with 3m of cable.

Optional extras to extend the greenhouse system (and your growing season) :

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