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  • 1000 litre underground water tank.
  •  Connection points for the 1000 litre underground water tank
  • Dimensions of the small underground water tank (1000 litres).
  • Installation of the below ground storage tank overview - see installation instructions for detail.
  • View of the 1000 litre tank when installed. Lid shows child proof lock.

1000 litre underground water tank - Non-Potable


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Product Description

Small Underground Water Tank - 250 gallons (1000l)

This compact 1000 litre underground water tank is just right for those who do not need as much water, but still want to save their rain water underground.

The mini underground tank is seamlessly moulded in one piece from black, food-grade PE plastic. Making the tank in one piece means that they are completely watertight, there is no welding seam so nothing can leak!

This small underground water tank is very thick-walled and extremely dimensionally stable. The ribbed design ensures the below ground water tank is stable and remains that way after backfilling.

The screw-down cover is double insulated and included in the price of the tank. The lid has a stainless steel, child-proof lock.

The large 55cm cover has a 48cm opening for easy access into the tank for maintenance.

Free Delivery Mainland UK (customer is responsible for off-loading from delivery vehicle).


This tank carries a 15-year warranty against material failure when installed in conjunction with instructions from and with advice from a professional appointed structural engineer, where applicable.

Sensible add-on equipment

Rainwater Filter

If using the 1000 litre underground water tank to store rainwater will advise filtering the water before storage. This is easily done either before the tank with a Rainus Filter installed to the downpipe, or within the tank turret with a Compact Filter.

We supply the Rainus in Black as standard, however other colour options are available to match your downpipe - Grey, Brown or Black - please go to the Rainus Filter page to order a different colour.

Compact Filters can be connected to pipes with Rapid Fit Pipe Couplers (not included) or standard DN100 pipe connectors.

See drop-down menu options above to purchase or follow the links for further information about the products.

Submersible Pump with Floating Intake

The SteelPump XAJE80P is a submersible clean water pump with anti-blocking system and dry run protection with automatic restart. It also comes with a Non-return Valve (NRV) that you screw into the water inlet. With a high pressure of 4bar this pump provides a higher pressure than the average UK tap pressure, although actual performance does depend on the length and diameter of the watering hose that you use. The XAJE80P intelligent pump responds to pressure in the delivery pipe. It turns itself on when there is a demand for water, then switches off again automatically once the demand has been met.

We suggest you combine the SteelPump with a short 30cm long Floating Intake (1" inlet) if you are going to install the pump inside the water tank. The Floating Intake will ensure that any debris flowing with rainwater, that was not filtered out by the filter and that has settled to the bottom of the tank, will not pass through the pump. Ensuring debris does not enter the pump mechanisms will help prolong the lifespan of the clean water pump.

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Alternatively a smaller Submersible Calpeda Pump may suit your needs.

Pump to Tank Turret Hose Set

The Pump to Tank Turret Hose Set connects to the the 1.25" outlet of the SteelPump to the tank turret via a 1.4m 1" suction hose. We suggest taking the stored water out through one of the flat faces of the tank (a hole will need to be drilled). The Hose set includes 1.4m of 1" hose, connection adaptor, hosetails and DN50 rubber grommet.

See drop-down menu options above to purchase or follow the links for further information about the products.

Related installation items

D100 Rubber Grommets

These open rubber grommets fit around your D100 pipe (pipe with an external diameter of 110mm) and into the hole for the Inlet and/or outlet of your tank. Essential for creating a good leak free seal from your underground pipework to your tank.

D100 Rapid Connectors

These rapid connectors are a really easy way to connect your D100 pipe to an inline filter like the Compact Filter.

Technical Information

  • Diameter: 120cm
  • Height: 145cm
  • Inlet height: 130cm
  • Outlet height: 102cm
  • Pit measurements: 180 x 180 x 155cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Lid opening (access): 48mm diameter
  • Weight: 58Kg approx



Free delivery to mainland UK locations is offered with this product. For Highlands and Islands, please contact us for a quote.

Please advise if access is limited as deliveries may be undertaken with a large articulated lorry and re-deliveries may incur an extra charge. The customer is responsible for off-loading the tank from the delivery vehicle.

Delivery is usually arranged within 3 working days of receiving an order.  It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the tank is handled correctly and in accordance with the advice in the installation manual.

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