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  • Wall Mounted Water Butt with Free Delivery to UK Mainland.
  • Slim Line Wall Mounted Water Butt installed on a downpipe.
  • Wall Mounted Water Butt comes with optional in-built planter.
  • Close up of Wall Mounted Water Butt Brass Plaque.
  • Front and Back views of the Wall Mounted Water butt. Note how it fits around and overflows into the downpipe.
  • How the Wall Mounted Water Butt works.

100 Litre Wall Mounted Water Butt


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Product Description

Prestige 100L Space Saving Water Butt

This original and classically styled wall mounted water butt can be fixed at a convenient height to the house wall or outbuilding. Ideally sized for small spaces or where you don't have room for a free-standing water butt. The versatile Wall-mounted Waterbutt can be placed just about anywhere. Either proudly display the beautifully crafted water butt, or hide it away down a sidepath or behind under growth where no one will notice.

Designed to fit all standard UK round and square down pipes. it has a built-in overflow system that automatically tops up the butt when it rains, diverting excess water back down the drainpipe when it is full. The tap (included) can be fitted either side of the butt giving total flexibility of location.

The Wall Mounted Water Butt measures 122cm high by 46cm wide by 23cm deep and holds 100 litres (22 gal) of rainwater. It comes with an optional planter at the top of the water butt for extra growing space.

Optional Extras

Leaf Catcher

This Wall Mounted Water Butt does not come with a filter so leaves etc from your gutter may find their way into the water butt. We recommend fitting a filter before the Wall Tank. The Leaf Catcher from 3P Technik will filter out leaves and larger items from the rainwater and collect the debris in a small basket which can be emptied from time to time. It fits 65mm and 56mm square  downpipes and 80mm and 100mm round downpipes.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions: H:122cm, W: 46cm, D: 23cm. Note: when full, the tank will naturally expand, "belly out", by approximately 5cm.
  • Capacity: 100 Litres (22 Gallons approx)
  • Material: Recycled Polyethylene Colour: Black


Wall Mounted Waterbutt Installation Instructions (pdf).

Included Components

  • 1 x Wall mounted Water butt
  • 2 x L Wall brackets
  • 6 x plugs and screws
  • 1 x Tap
  • 1 x Tap bungs (factory fitted)
  • 2 x Top caps (factory fitted)
  • 1 x Brass Wallmounted Waterbutt Co. badge for fixing to the top oval plain moulded indent.
  • 1 x Installation instruction sheet


How do I increase the flow from the tap to water my plants with a hose?

When installing the Wall Mounted Water Butt, the higher the water butt is placed on the wall, the greater the "head" of water pressure, thus the potential to directly water your plants with a garden hose.

Can I join two or more water butts together?

Yes, more than one water butt can be connected together for increased storage capacity. Contact us for a joining kit.

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